Do You Have G.R.I.T. in Sales?


As a sales professional do you have what it takes?  Do you have G.R.I.T.?  As I continue to travel the Globe, I realize we should be asking this question more often.

GUTS:  This means – personal courage and determination; toughness of character.  We have to be brave and courageous to attack each day with the right mindset and ability to be BOLD.  As I worked with another sales team last week filled with Major Account and Named Account reps, I am reminded once again that no matter what level we are at (new or tenured), we have to make this conscious choice every day.  We will continue to battle frustrations from within our own organization and frustrations with reaching the right decision makers and influencers.  We have to be creative and constantly evolve in changing times.  Just because it is uncomfortable, or “you have always done it another way,” doesn’t mean you don’t have it in you to stretch and see the magic outside of your comfort zone.  We ask our prospects and clients to make a change with us every day.  So why are we so unwilling to change and evolve ourselves?  So we have to ask, do we have the GUTS to strive on?  Do we have the determination to Be Bold in our approach?

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EXCITING NEWS! Melissa Whitaker International (MWI)® is Growing! We have Added Team Members, Resources, and Tools


EXCITING NEWS!  Melissa Whitaker International (MWI)® is Growing!  We have Added Team Members, Resources, and Tools.

Schaumburg, IL – May 24, 2016 – Melissa Whitaker International (MWI)® is excited to announce that as companies’ needs change, and demands on sales reps evolve, so do our services.  The selling landscape has been forever changed by rapid technology development and highly connected global marketplaces in which commoditization can happen almost instantly.  Sales Professionals are going to have to adapt to survive.  They need to develop the skills to provide relevant insights and value during the conversation.  The ability comes from investing sufficient time in order to better understand their clients’ industry ecosystem, internal business, and metrics to success.  Along with shifts happening for sales professionals, shifts will be required in the Sales Management Structure, Marketing Message, and Customer Service as well.  Due to all of these changes and challenges, MWI® has developed the following support resources to help your team navigate through these dynamic times to catapult success:

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Melissa Whitaker needs your help to win a GRANT!


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We want to be able to help your business grow more!

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What would MWI do with $250,000 dollars?

Melissa Whitaker International would take the funds and invest in additional staff and technology that would lead to continued financial growth.  Additional staff allows for more classes offered.  Each business we are able to assist sees increased revenue after training and coaching of their staff.  Growth for us has an exponential affect as we work to grow other businesses, plus personal growth of participants as a life-long career investment.  The $250,000 investment will result in millions of revenue and jobs to our communities.

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Melissa D. Whitaker