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Every great athlete has a coach. 

Do you think you know it all?  Do you buy into the saying “Old dogs can’t learn NEW tricks?”

If you have a GROWTH MINDSET, you can accomplish ANYTHING you want in life.  Check out a quick overview of our online 24/7 sales video portal, where you can access

me as your coach around the clock to help you win at the game of sales.  Learn what is working TODAY, not 5 years ago.  Implement these key vital lessons that will catapult your sales revenue and your sales profit!

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Fear of Failure

Do you ever feel like you are held back from the success you want in life due to the “Fear of Failure?”

You are not alone.  Most people in life experience the “Fear of Failure” at some point throughout their life and their career.  In fact, if you don’t experience this, you may NOT be Dreaming BIG enough!

Check out my quick video on how to push past the Fear, and go after your goals and dreams with gusto!

You deserve to have a life that you are passionate about and live life to the fullest!

Yours Truly,

Melissa D. Whitaker

Melissa Whitaker International (MWI) 2017 Training & Events Schedule

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February 6th – 7th                MWI Management & Leadership Academy (In Person-Chicago)

February 13th – 17th            MWI Elite Sales Academy Live Web Based Class

March 13th – 17th                 MWI Elite Sales Academy Live Web Based Class

April 18th                              Pipeliner CRM Power Breakfast – Melissa’s Speaking

                                              about “Successful Selling in Today’s Landscape”  

May 15th – 19th                    MWI Elite Sales Academy Live Web Based Class

May 25th                              BTA Building my Business webinar – Melissa’s Speaking

                                              about “Successful Selling in Today’s Landscape”  

May 31st                               Melissa’s Interview on Faith Marketplace Radio Program

June 8th                               BTA Mid-America Gateway to Success – Melissa’s

                                              Speaking about “8 Hacks of Sales Masters”

June 12th – 13th                   MWI Management & Leadership Academy (In Person-Chicago)

July 17th – 21st                    MWI Elite Sales Academy Live Web Based Class

August 24th                         SBA Coffee, Contacts & Content – Melissa’s the Speaker

September 18th – 22nd       MWI Elite Sales Academy Live Web Based Class

October 16th – 18th             MWI Management & Leadership Academy (In Person-Chicago 2 1/2 days)

November 13th – 17th         MWI Elite Sales Academy Live Web Based Class

December 11th – 15th         MWI Elite Sales Academy Live Web Based Class

To Register for a class either call Melissa Whitaker at 847.845.4922.

MWI Management & Leadership Training Class: call us for  NEW PRICING! 

*Also, if you have 6 or more sales people, you qualify for and can schedule, Melissa to come to your facility to do “on-site” training for your team.  90 day, 6 month and 9 month programs are also available.

** Call about our NEW Customer Service class and workshops as well.

***If you are interested in attending one of Melissa’s Speaking Engagements, please email us at

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