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We’re looking for growth-minded companies and enthusiastic sales teams who are willing to “invite themselves” to step into a genuinely AMAZING learning process through discovering the exact process to shift their mindset, transform their income and upgrade their entire life – both personally and professionally. 

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The Ultimate Edge – A Coach at Your Fingertips

MWI Total Sales Transformation Center (Online Virtual Portal):

As our buyers have evolved, so must our sales professionals.  Sales professionals need to be able to master sales skills to differentiate themselves, implement fresh new ideas, and constantly be learning.  This online virtual training portal allows for 24/7 access to video online content.  Broken down by topics, sales professionals can reinforce their retention and have a personal coach at their fingertips.  The most successful people in life and in sports have a coach.  Do you have a coach for success?

This year-long program includes 24 video modules covering: Maximizing Your Minutes, Psychology of Buyers, Finding Ideal Clients, Discovery – Appointments, Strategy – Competition, Recommendations, Creating Partnerships – Closing, Seeking to Understand – Proactively Handling Objections, Psychology of the Buyer 2.0, Deeper Wider Broader, & Teach Clients How to be Satisfied (Building Loyalty).

Check out a couple of our Training Videos in the Portal:

Finding Ideal Clients: Effective Prospecting

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24 Responses to the Dreaded Sales Objection “It Costs Too Much”

Stack of coins

Have you ever heard from a prospect that your price is too high?

Did you just hear it yesterday?  Last week?  Multiple times a week?

As I work with companies all across the globe, this objection seems to be consistent.  You do realize that buyers go through their own training, and are taught to say that to see if you are willing to drop your drawers, right?  The inexperienced sales professional easily falls for that trick.  The more savvy sales professional will seek to understand what the prospect is exactly looking for – as well as proactively handling this concern by asking key questions that highlight the value, and reason for the higher price (well, that is my hope, that you are doing that).

If you feel like you struggle with this in your every day consulting/selling, then I recommend reading this article I recently came across on HubSpot:  24 Responses to the Dreaded Sales Objection “It Costs Too Much.”  Click “Continue Reading” and select “Read Article”

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EXCITING NEWS! Melissa Whitaker International (MWI)® is Growing! We have Added Team Members, Resources, and Tools


EXCITING NEWS!  Melissa Whitaker International (MWI)® is Growing!  We have Added Team Members, Resources, and Tools.

Schaumburg, IL – May 24, 2016 – Melissa Whitaker International (MWI)® is excited to announce that as companies’ needs change, and demands on sales reps evolve, so do our services.  The selling landscape has been forever changed by rapid technology development and highly connected global marketplaces in which commoditization can happen almost instantly.  Sales Professionals are going to have to adapt to survive.  They need to develop the skills to provide relevant insights and value during the conversation.  The ability comes from investing sufficient time in order to better understand their clients’ industry ecosystem, internal business, and metrics to success.  Along with shifts happening for sales professionals, shifts will be required in the Sales Management Structure, Marketing Message, and Customer Service as well.  Due to all of these changes and challenges, MWI® has developed the following support resources to help your team navigate through these dynamic times to catapult success:

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