Creative Prospecting Tips to Get Noticed

Be Noticed!

Creative Prospecting Tips to Get Noticed.

How to get that ideal client to notice you.

Do you have a specific prospect that you desire to do business with?  Your ideal customer may take extra effort to schedule a meeting.  Some prospects need creativity to get you noticed in a world of busyness.

Here are some creative prospecting ideas to try:

1.  Read the business section of the newspaper.  Notice accomplishments of other companies and call to congratulate them.  Better yet – write a hand written note of congrats to them for their accomplishment.  This can be especially personal if you have a local newspaper or community paper that publishes this kind of information.

2.  Have a fun/inspiring quote printed on 4 x 6 card stock to leave with gatekeeper during face/face prospecting and have contact information printed on back.  Tell them that you just want them to have a good day today.

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Maximize Your Talent: Hire the Right People

8 Key Interview Questions for You

Asking the right questions is a crucial part of the selling process.  It is just as crucial in the hiring process.

How many times have you hired a new person only to realize after a couple weeks that he/she is not what you had hoped?  Interview questions should have the same layered approach as when you speak to customers.  It is your job to uncover the details.  You want your team to succeed.

So many managers like to fill their team with “mini-me” versions of themselves only because they are drawn to them on a personal level during the interview.  Be aware of this tendency and think about how a true team needs a variety of skill levels.  Analyze what your current team has to offer and think about their weaknesses – then begin to interview the prospects.  Your goal is to have a top performing team.

Before the Interview: Interview Yourself

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2014 Sales Evolution: 10 Tips to Differentiate Yourself

Looking for new ways to make yourself noticed?  Getting people to pay attention to what you have to say is one of the hardest jobs.  Everyone’s first reaction is to get a salesperson to leave or to get them off the phone as soon as possible.  How do you get busy people to take a moment of time?

Here are 10 Tips to Differentiate Yourself:

  1. Make contacting current customers part of your routine.  Send the message that their satisfaction is important.  Don’t always try to sell something.  Just check in.  Watch for opportunities to arise where you can go deeper, wider, broader.  Your current customers are your best asset.
  2. Think of yourself as a business asset.  You want to be the voice of your customers, helping them succeed.  The focus is on them, not you getting the sale.  Ask questions to understand their business better.
  3. Always ask for referrals.  If someone was happy with what you provided, they will be happy to send a few names your way.
  4. Follow up!  Most companies are used to the salesperson being there to sell to them and then they disappear.  Set yourself a reminder to follow up in a week, 30 days, 60 days.  Keep communication going long after the sale is complete.
  5. Reach out to potential customers in a multitude of ways – in person, phone, email, social media.  It takes 8 -10 touches to get someone’s attention.  Be persistent. Use variety to get yourself noticed.
  6. Use a sense of humor!  Everyone loves to laugh.  In our busy lives, we can all use to lighten up a bit.  Use humor when appropriate.
  7. View prospecting as growing contacts.  A farmer puts lots of time into his fields to reap the harvest.  Put lots of time and effort into building up new contacts for future business.  Grow your field for future harvest.  Don’t turn off your prospects by trying to sell something they do not need right now.  Grow your contacts and be there when they need something.
  8. Create Urgency.  Show your customer the cost of not making a change – put value to the change.  When the customer sees the value in the change, they will close the sale quickly.  Showing them that you are a business asset.
  9. Listen, listen, listen!  Listening has so many benefits and builds trust.  Be someone who can be trusted.
  10. Timing is Everything!  Communicating on a consistent basis allows you to be there at the right time.  Making yourself known to those in your territory so when the timing is right you are there.