Need Help Training Your “New Hire” Sales People?

Top Gun Sales Training2

Melissa Whitaker International (MWI) and Pros Elite Group have been asked many times over the past couple of years for a “New Hire” Sales training class that can be instructor led  – but webinar based.  So if you have new hires and need help training them to hit the ground running, please click on the link below to read more about (and register) the upcoming MWI’S ELITE SALES ACADEMY class being held June 17th – 21st 8:30am – 12:30pm CDT.  A sales workbook will be sent to each registered attendee before the class starts.

“I loved the role playing & being put on the spot.  It’s awkward & tough, but it will only make it easier when we are out on our own.  After many days in training, it helps a lot to have such an engaging & hilarious trainer.  Thanks Melissa.”

Past Participant, Imaging Consultant

“I enjoyed Melissa’s in-depth knowledge of the Document Management Industry.  I also enjoyed Melissa’s emphasis on sales & marketing.  It has given me more insight on a strategy to become successful as a professional consultant.”

Past Participant, Imaging Consultant

The Ripple Effect You Create as a Manager

What kind of Manager are you?  How well is your team performing?

Monique Valcour wrote an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review called “The Ripple Effect You Create as a Manager.”  I agree with Monique that who we are as a person and our personal beliefs permeate how we manage others.  This can have positive effects and /or negative consequences when managing and building a winning team of people.

Take a look at the article below and see what you relate to.  Also take a look at Monique’s 5 ways you can radiate positive, productive energy through employees at your workplace and out through their work-life networks.  By doing this you will increase overall effectiveness, build camaraderie and ultimately have better results.