Role Playing

Throughout MWI trainings, role playing holds a key role. We believe practice makes perfect. We find that when attendees must implement what they have learned and think quick on their feet, the better equipped they are to handle situations in the real world.

Video Engagement

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Since everyone learns differently, MWI uses video examples of real world challenges in the field and then how to adapt with better approaches to accomplish the goal. We also conduct hands on exercises to test the attendees’ comprehension of the materials and tools.

Group Exercises

Group Exercises

To keep everyone involved, MWI uses group exercises to have attendees brainstorm in groups and come up with answers to different questions and challenges they experience.

On-Going Coaching

One of the additional resources we offer is on-going coaching. Statistics show that people just attend a class, they may only retain and use 10% of what they have learned. However, if on-going real world coaching is implemented over time, participants can retain and implement around 70% of the information. We want our clients to receive the highest ROI as possible, so we suggest 6 month or 12 month programs to increase success.