We know that people learn differently, and companies needs may vary on budget, ideal type of training, and timing. So here at MWI we offer a variety of learning experiences. The three major ways we offer training include: Classroom Training, Live Web Based and Self-Paced Video Learning. We also customize programs that can fit anyone's needs and budget.

Classroom Training


Classroom Trainings are ideal for organizations who have 6 - 100 + sales, management, and/or customer service people. This structure is a great option to build comrade, learn and hear best practices, and implement "in person" exercises. We have a very interactive format that includes group assignments, role playing, and homework each night to maximize results. Some of the major benefits of this style of learning is the human interaction and the energy shared during the learning process and customized solutions are available.

Live Web Based Training

Live Web Based Trainings are ideal for companies who either have 5 or less sales, management, and/or customer service people, or have an organization that is spread out geographically. This is still a very interactive platform in which we conduct a lot of exercises, still role play, and homework is given each night for maximum results. However, the instructor is on a webcam and attendees are muted until they are called upon. Some of the major benefits of this version of training is no travel expenses, can log into training from anywhere, 5 days of 4 hours of intense instruction with "live instructor," and attendees can implement materials immediately each day.

Self-Paced Video Training

Self-Paced Video Training is ideal for individuals and/or companies who want flexibility and the ability to learn on their time. One thing we have noticed is as our buyers have evolved, so must our sales and management professionals. Sales professionals, management individuals and entrepreneurs need to be able to master sales skills to differentiate themselves, implement fresh new ideas, and constantly be learning. This online virtual training portal allows for 24/7 access to video online content. Broken down by topics, individuals can reinforce their retention and have a personal coach at their fingertips. The most successful people in life and in sports have a coach. Do you have a coach for success? 

The sales curriculum is currently up and running. However the Management Track and Business Owner Track is coming soon.

This year-long program includes 24 video modules covering:

  • Maximizing Your Minutes
  • Psychology of Buyers
  • Finding Ideal Clients
  • Discovery – Appointments, Strategy – Competition
  • Recommendations, Creating Partnerships – Closing
  • Seeking to Understand – Proactively Handling Objections
  • Psychology of the Buyer 2.0
  • LinkedIn Social Selling
  • Deeper Wider Broader
  • When Deals Stall Out
  • Strategic Accounts
  • Quarterly Reviews with Clients /Teach Clients How to be Satisfied
  • Solutions to the Biggest Challenges in Sales
  • Mindset & Removing Limiting Beliefs

Training Videos in the Portal