MWI programs provide immediate results. Whether it's your health, wealth or business success, we make sure you can measure your success. Read below some of our clients success stories about their ROI (return on investment).


"I was so thankful to attend MWI's Elite Sales Academy in December 2022. The philosophies Melissa presented are definitely what creates "Raving Fans" aka "loyal customers" and is helping me to adapt to new skills and strategies to apply these to product and services sales for a dramatic increase in my results! I even found net new business the same week I was in class by applying these new strategies - and closed the deal."
- Samantha, Account Manager in MO

"I applied the "Melissa Whitaker" talk tracks and processes to my day to day cycle and I closed a $220,000 net new business deal. This was not in my pipeline before your class and program started with us, and just in a short 2 ½ months I found this opportunity applied what you told me to and it came through big time."
- Robert, Sales, IL Dealer

"I was in a rut with my sales, but after completing your sales training and following your coaching, I closed a $167,000 in net new business. I am back in motion!"
- Paul, Sales, IL Dealer

"Even though I have been in sales and in our industry for years, my sales had slowed down. Thank you Melissa for your insights and fresh new approaches. After taking your class and being in your program I closed a $142,500 net new deal with $44,500 of profit built in."
- Chris, Sales, IL Dealer

"Melissa I am so excited because we implemented your "phased approach" and umbrella talk tracks from the beginning with a new account and what we thought was going to just be a copier deal, turned into a million dollar deal just for phase 1."
- Rich, Sales Manager

"After starting Melissa's program, I was able to close $156,550 of new business in just 90 Days. I learned that persistence pays off."
- Cody Rogers, Technology Consultant

"After spending two weeks with Melissa Whitaker where she delivered a poignant program that translates key strategies into actionable steps for success, I was able to deliver massive results. By implementing her step by step approach, I was able to achieve a 300% growth in clients and 400% increase in average billing over two years in Managed Services."
- John Farlik, MNS Sales Specialist


Digital Imaging Industry: 53% ROI for the Sales Team, 156% ROI for Individual Manager

This client has used Melissa Whitaker / MWI as a keynote speaker for their entire sales force, training for 6 new hire outside sales reps and 6 inside current sales reps, as well as Advanced Sales Manager Training for 3 out of their 10 Sales Manager's in 2014. Their programs paid back within the first 3 months of initial onsite training, and their results continue to climb throughout the year.

"There is a definite difference between reps who have started with them in the past and took on average 6 months to sell to now (reps who have gone through Melissa's class) hitting the ground running by getting sales the first and second months in the field."

One of their Managers who attended the Advanced Sales Manager Training is now the #1 Manager out of the 10 they have and is 156% YTD of plan. "After having these different trainings and coaching, the second half of 2014 is much better than the first half." This client started the Advanced Sales Manager class in April 2014 and followed with Sales Training & Coaching in the Fall of 2014." One of the Advanced Sales Managers reported a 22% increase in sales for her team after 1 year. She also experienced an additional 31% increase in sales for her team the 2nd year.

Entertainment and Production Lighting Industry: 433% ROI

This organization hired MWI to provide total sales transformation. The ROI was 433% by implementing the following:
  • By establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Training and coaching their salespeople on (12-monthprogram):
    • Prospecting
    • Holding more effective needs analysis appointments
    • Negotiations
    • Handling objections
    • Closing deals more effectively
  • Providing coaching on effective sales management (holding to the metrics)

Technology Industry: 20x Investment - 1900% ROI

Ten sales reps participated in a 6 month sales training and coaching program. During this time, their confidence raised, they took more risks, they started selling more authentically, and overall experienced 20x their initial investment back in net new business.

Digital Imaging Industry: Took sales team from 40% of Team Quota to 97% of Team Quota in 8 months. They are on track to double Revenue.