Sales Are Down: Transform With A New Mindset


As managers we often get the job of delivering bad news. We have the responsibility of standing in front of the team as a leader. We play the numbers game constantly, running between upper management and our team to keep everyone satisfied. When the numbers are down, it gets stressful.

Heading into a team meeting and saying:

“What’s going on here? Why are all these numbers down? What are each of you doing each day?”

So many times in business we like to play the blame game, quick to point fingers instead of resolving the issues.

As managers it is important to re-pack the problem. Transform the negative numbers into a challenge. Create a new mindset.

Create a new mindset by asking purposeful questions that ignite your team. Give them the power to transform the situation.

Here are some purposeful questions to help you:

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Voicemail: Strategize for Connection


In sales there has always been a controversy about voicemail. Do you leave one or not? In today’s busy B2B sales market, voicemail gets over-looked as a key sales strategy. Did you know that the average sales representative leaves about 16 hours of voicemail in a month? That is a lot of voicemail! Why then are we not strategizing this important tool more? Use voicemail as a valuable prospecting tool.

Most of the time sales people put little thought into what happens after the BEEP.

“Hi, this Bob with ABC Company. I would love to speak with you. Give me a call back at 555-5555.”

Voicemail is a tool that you have complete control over.  After the BEEP – is your chance to shine!

Here are a few tips to build a strong voicemail strategy:

1.  What results do you desire from the voicemail?  Define the action that you are looking for so that you can create the right call to action.  Are you looking for a call back?  Are you looking to connect online?  Are you looking for them to take your call the next time?  When you define the specific result you desire, then you can craft a proper message. Continue reading

Before the Meeting: Right Impressions

First Impressions 1

As salespeople you know the three second rule – that people are forming opinions about you in the first three seconds of meeting you.  However, in this digital age people are now forming opinions about you before you even meet.  Are you making the right impression before the meeting?

Here are 10 tips to keep you making the right impression:

Online Profile:

  1. Make sure that your online profile especially on LinkedIn is professional.  Executives will research those that they are scheduled to meet with.  They want to know if this person is worth their time.  Keep your online profile up to date.
  2. Restrict your privacy on Facebook and other social sites.  You do not want business associates having access to questionable information about you.
  3. Have someone take a professional photo of you to use on social media for business.  Keeping in mind that you are a brand.  Your image is important.

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