Melissa Whitaker needs your help to win a GRANT!


Chase is giving away $250,000 to 12 small businesses.  

We want to be able to help your business grow more!

Help us create more jobs and create growth for you. . . .

What would MWI do with $250,000 dollars?

Melissa Whitaker International would take the funds and invest in additional staff and technology that would lead to continued financial growth.  Additional staff allows for more classes offered.  Each business we are able to assist sees increased revenue after training and coaching of their staff.  Growth for us has an exponential affect as we work to grow other businesses, plus personal growth of participants as a life-long career investment.  The $250,000 investment will result in millions of revenue and jobs to our communities.

We need your help to win a $250,000 grant!  We need 250 votes in 2 weeks!!!

Please take one moment of your time to help us be eligible for the grant.

3 Easy Steps:

1.       Click here:

2.       Click the “Vote” button.

3.       *Sign into Facebook to confirm identity.

*You will get a pop-up that clarifies that Chase and/or Google (proud sponsor) will not be sharing that information or using it to contact you.

Thank you so much for your help!

Melissa D. Whitaker