How do you handle feeling powerless?

Everyone needs to watch the YouTube video link below:  “Look at yourself after watching this”

Sometimes we each feel powerless.  Kind of like the guy with no arms and legs in the video link above.  He is awkward to look at and most people look at him and think that he would not amount to much.  But he took what little was given to him and made it big.  Those are decisions that we have to make inside ourselves.  Only ourselves.

We take the constraints that the company we work for (or life) puts on us and we act like we have no arms and legs.  However, this guy chose to see it as opportunity to see how much he could do without arms and legs.  So instead flip it around and say, “How much can I do despite all these decisions the company is making that seem to cut me off?”

So often we want to be angry at some of the decisions and actions of our company and people around us for what is going on.  But maybe we need to think outside the box – who says that you could not think of better ways of doing something?  Take what you don’t like and say, “How can I make this better?”

I hope this adds some inspiration and perspective for you today — “Be an inspiration to Others”

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