Breaking away from traditional training and revolutionizing the sales industry with transformational training.


MWI curriculum has been used to train thousands of sales and management professionals around the globe. The curriculums are continually updated with real world scenarios, techniques, talk tracks, and effective coaching that are currently working in today's business to business selling environment.

Curriculum is developed to be an on-going reference tool to continue learning after the classroom.

New to sales/management or tenured - each individual is challenged and new skills are presented no matter what the experience level.


MWI works with management and sales professionals to keep you on track to meet your goals. Working individually to uncover roadblocks and celebrate successes. Uncovering an individuals’ strengths and weaknesses in selling and targeting specific areas for growth and development.


Success is achieved through accountability. MWI believes in the power of being accountable for on-going learning and application of new skills. Your sales team will be held accountable to set goals, apply skills and achieve more.


MWI knows that success is directly linked to mindset. Your business success is directly linked to the mindset of the individuals that make up your team. Increase confidence, create clarity, let go of fears and be courage to achieve a sales transformation.


Each person desires to feel significant, heard and valued. MWI provides an opportunity for each person to be celebrated and championed for their contribution. Self-awareness creates confidence.


MWI programs pay for themselves as new customers and bigger opportunities present themselves when your sales teams applies the techniques presented and managers coach their people. Clarity on ideal clients leads to more revenue.

This transformational training focuses not just on knowledge but on application, accountability and motivation to catapult your sales team to the next level of success!

At MWI you can Expect A Difference