How is Melissa Whitaker International Different?

At Melissa Whitaker International (MWI), we are asked on a regular basis “How are we  different?”  “There are A LOT of Sales & Management Training Companies out there, so why should I do business with you?  Here at MWI we have a very different approach:

  • We believe in authentic selling.  Developing sales teams to be conversational, trust-worthy and show their strengths.  We don’t believe in “old school selling.”

  • We believe in staying at the cutting edge of what is working in sales and in the marketplace.  Our curriculum constantly changes to reflect changes in business trends.  What is working today?  TODAY!  Not what worked last month or years ago – but what is working today!

Each experience is unique.  Each class is defined by the attendees tenure, experience and past sales / management.  Our desire is that each person is given tools and tips to catapult their career towards success!