10 Proven Keys for Keeping Sales Consistent

Think about the months where your sales are really high.  What can follow those months?  Have you experienced the nervous stress of high peaks and low valleys in sales?  Do you find yourself scrambling to find new opportunities to close since you just closed everything HOT in your pipeline?  You are not alone.  However, there is a way to have more consistent sales at high levels.  Check out the top 10 proven keys for keeping your sales consistent:

  • #1  Have a Strategy For Each Day – Don’t Wing It!
  • #2  Always Be Improving – try new techniques
  • #3  Don’t Allow Clients To Fall Through The Cracks
    • Be Going Deeper, Wider, Broader
    • Set Reminders For Consistent Follow Up in Specific Intervals
  • #4  Block Time For Prospecting – Emails, Phone Calls, In-Person, Social Media
  • #5  Plan Your Next Day At The End of the Day

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Improve Sales Performance 44% With This One Change

Do you want to increase sales?

If not, stop reading this . . .

According to a recent study by Xceleration, “incentive programs can increase performance by 22% while a 44% performance  increase is found in programs that run for a year or more.”

The question is, do you know what motivates your people?  A one-size-fits-all approach no longer works.  It is vital that you take the time and create programs that create the following benefits:

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