What is Your Legacy as a Sales Manager and or Leader?

Happy businessmen discussing business report sitting at meeting table in office.

“Leadership flows out of what we do and who we are.”  – Dan Flow, CEO & Chairman (Flow Companies, Inc.)

My question to you today is “Do you care?”  Do you truly care about:

  • Your People?
  • Your Customers?
  • Your Community?

As a Sales Manager and or Leader of your company, I want you to take a moment to ask yourself what kind of legacy are you leaving?  Are you showing up each and every day to just get by?  To just do a job?  I hope not.  As leaders, we impact every person we engage with (good or bad).

Do you want to be known as a person who truly cares about your people, your customers, and your community?  What are you intentionally doing to build up others and keep your promises.  One thing we have in life is OUR WORD.  Are you keeping your word?  Are you pulling the greatness out of your people?  Are you asking what you can do to help customers daily in the field?  Are you willing to give back?

Your People

Let’s start with discussing your people.  You have been put in your position to help your people create results.  This starts at the human element.  Your people are just that – PEOPLE.  They are not a number, they are human beings with all the complexities life brings at us.  Have you taken the time to notice what your people are doing right?  Have you given an ata boy or ata girl about that?  We are constantly told to point out what people AREN’T doing, however we are not reminded to look for and reinforce what people ARE doing well.  So take a moment today to intentionally look for what your people are doing RIGHT and thank them for doing a great job!  Ultimately your people want to know if you care about them and their lives.  When you show that you care, your people will care more about creating results for you!  “The essence of effective coaching is treating people the way they can be, not the way they are.”

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As we start 2015, everyone is talking about New Year’s Resolutions and setting goals.  The fact of the matter is that most people don’t have a good system for setting goals that materialize into results.  When people ask me what my formula for success is, I explain to them that throughout my life I have followed these 11 vital steps that are wildly successful in accomplishing and realizing the life that you want.

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Are You Mentally Strong?

In my experience the most successful people are what some people call “Mentally Strong.”  I was sent an article today called “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do” by Amy Morin, and I know by personal experience this is right on.  So the question is, where do you measure yourself in these 13 points?  Are there areas of your life that you can stretch yourself to be better?  To do better? By applying some of these key points in your life you will be happier and more successful in whatever you do.  Take a moment to read the article (link below) and give yourself a “self evaluation.”  Life is too short!