When Deals Stall Out

Barrier Roadblocks

Self- Analysis of the Situation:  Questions to Ask Yourself

Did I properly interpret the customer’s buying signs?

  • Did you create value?
  • Have you given the prospect a sense of urgency?
  • Are you giving them space and support through their buying fears?
  • Did I miss-interpret their commitment level?  Was it low commitment or high commitment?
  • Did you connect the dots of their needs to your value correctly?

Tips for Working Through the Stalled Sale:

Follow up with purpose

  • Create a purpose to your follow up.  Don’t just call and say “I’m following up” this creates no value for the prospect.  Continue to create value by offering them some additional information or re-defining an option or ask a question.  A voicemail that states “I’m just following up, give me a call back” can easily be ignored.  However, if you say – “I have more pieces of information that you may be interested in…give me a call back” or I wanted to clarify further a point we were discussing.. each voicemail gives your call a purpose and gives them a call to action.

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