Gold Metal or Bust

“With the Olympics underway, athletes should have their mind on gold–and only gold.

Although the concept of first or last may sound unfair and difficult to accept for some, in the real world, regardless of your business or career, first place is the only place that matters.

As the world watches the Olympics this week, remember that if you’re not first, you’re last. ” – Grant Cardone


There is always the battle today between being Competitive and Collaborative in the business world.  I hear these terms being thrown around all the time.  The reality is, there is a time for “healthy competition” between sales people and sales teams etc., and there are times to encourage “collaboration” between companies, colleagues and strategic alliances.

When it comes to Sales Management and Management / Leadership overall, what are you doing to prepare your team for the Gold?

Do you understand how individuals are wired on your team? 

Do you know what motivates them to the Gold?

Do you understand what demotivates them and could ultimately cause them to fall to last place?

Have you Mastered the Art of Effective Coaching?

Take a moment to read the article below:  “4 Reasons More Sales Coaching Will Get You More Revenue:”

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It is vital as Managers & Leaders that we understand these areas, implement the proven steps to lead our people to greatness – to the Gold – each and every day!

If you would like an action plan on how to dive in deeper in these areas and have a personal “decoder” as to how to drive your team to the Gold, then join us at the next

MWI Management & Leadership Academy

October 11-12th, 8am – 5pm each day:

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Topics/Sections Covered:

  • The Leadership Role
  • The Management Role
  • Personalized Management Assessment Results
  • Effective Coaching (Includes hands on Video Learning – good vs. bad, & Action Plans for Team members)
  • Planning
  • Benchmark Metrics
  • Recruiting Retention:  Building a High Performance Team
  • Winning Synergy:  The importance of

What Attendees’ Will Receive:

  • Management & Leadership Intensive Playbook
  • 27 Page Comprehensive Management Assessment Analysis
  • Direct Report Decoder
  • Strategic Planning & Coaching Field Application Toolkit
  • Step by Step Development Guide for Understanding & Managing Direct Reports
  • Guide for Effective Conflict Resolution
  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • Managers Long Term Strategic Planning
  • VIDEO Hands on Real Life Implementation of Tools
  • Coaching Access to Melissa D. Whitaker
  • Copy of Melissa D. Whitaker’s Best Selling book “Beat the Curve

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“Team USA is in the lead in the Olympics today due to PREPARATION and daily training.

Keeping their head in the game.

And having a playbook with PROVEN methods for success.

For the managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, business is a sport… and the marketplace is YOUR Olympic battlefield.” – Grant Cardone

If you have any questions or would like to discuss having MWI come to your location for a group of Managers, please contact us at 847.845.4922 or