The War For The Modern Office Has Begun


In 2015, Print Audit was proud to introduce you to The 7 Deadly Sinners of the Office Equipment Industry.  They shared the good, the bad, and the exciting issues facing our channel.  From e-books to comics, the Sinners gave us lots to think about and fresh ideas for growing our dealerships.

But like any strong alliance there comes a time when heroes must meet their match. Introducing The Avengettes, 7 of the most powerful and influential women in our space. Click “Read Article” to read West McDonald, Vice President of Business Development, Print Audit and Owner, FocusMPS‘ Blog and download a copy of the e-Book.  Meet the Avengettes & Sinners.

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MWI Elite Sales Academy Successes & Registration

We just launched our BRAND NEW Content for MWI Elite Sales Academy last week and it was GREAT!!!  We had an awesome class filled with eager “tenured” sales people who were looking to elevate their game and also transition into the Digital Imaging World.


Here are few comments from that class:

“I learned so much around successful,  industry specific, selling strategies that I can’t wait to begin utilizing them.  They say “Knowledge is Power”.  After this training, “Knowledge is Money!”   –  Chris, QualPath, Inc.

“I signed up for this training to make me a better salesman. I can say without a doubt, that will happen!” – Jordan, Data-Line Office Systems

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Consistently Inconsistent Sales Reps?

Consistently Inconsistent Sales Reps?

Is your team filled with consistently inconsistent sales? Do your sales reps make the quota one month and miss the next? Do they seem to have the skills but their performance is chaotic? What is causing all of this inconsistency?

Common Problems:

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