The Power of Gratitude

Most of us get caught up in our daily frustrations and or sales deals not closing. However, if we take a moment to sit in gratitude for the things in our life that we usually take for granted, amazing things happen. Take a moment to listen to this quick video where Melissa talks about The Power of Gratitude, Giving and Receiving, and The Law of Energy!

Have a great week!

Melissa D. Whitaker

Do you have a higher purpose?

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Compassion Trip – Baja Mexico June 2015

It has been heavy on my heart since 2011 to be able to give back in a much bigger way.  Do you have a higher purpose?  Do you know what your higher purpose is?

MWI was honored to participate in a 7 day compassion trip to an orphanage located in the Baja California region of Mexico.  The orphanage provides care for 90 children in a loving environment.  The Mission provides seven family units of 12 children between the ages of 2 to 20 years.  Single moms live with the children providing a loving home atmosphere while a married couple provide the oversight of ten teenage boys.  A nursery mother provides around-the-clock care for newborns and toddlers.  Infants with special needs, such as cleft lip palate or other physical disabilities are also lovingly care for by experienced staff.

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