The Ripple Effect You Create as a Manager

What kind of Manager are you?  How well is your team performing?

Monique Valcour wrote an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review called “The Ripple Effect You Create as a Manager.”  I agree with Monique that who we are as a person and our personal beliefs permeate how we manage others.  This can have positive effects and /or negative consequences when managing and building a winning team of people.

Take a look at the article below and see what you relate to.  Also take a look at Monique’s 5 ways you can radiate positive, productive energy through employees at your workplace and out through their work-life networks.  By doing this you will increase overall effectiveness, build camaraderie and ultimately have better results.

8 Tips to Building a Championship Team

Coming from being an athlete myself, not only do I strive to be an MVP player at all times, but I also want to be part of a “Championship Team.”  If you ever get the opportunity to feel the unbelievable synergy and adrenaline of a winning team, you continually strive to keep that feeling (winning streak) or are in constant pursuit of finding that again.

That feeling also relates to being part of a winning team at an organization.  Everyone wants to enjoy what they do for work and most people want to work in an environment that is also fun and “winning” in their field of expertise.  There are many things Managers and Leadership Executives can do to create this type of atmosphere and overall results.  I came across an article by Rajat Taneja, Executive VP & CTO at Electronic Arts, called “8 Tips to Building a Championship Team” and loved it.  The points that Rajat lists resonates with the same message I preach to my clients.  If you are looking for additional ideas on how to do this, check out his article below:

8 Tips to Building a Championship Team